Resident Wellness Committee (CBER)

The Resident Wellness Committee (CBER) makes recommendations to the Board of Directors through the Secretary of the Foundation, who may be accompanied for the occasion by the Committee chairperson, on any matter relating to medical residents’ wellness in their training sites. The Committee also provides its opinion with respect to any question submitted to it in that regard, and, as applicable, lobbies the different bodies in connection with medical residents’ health and wellness, on the basis of positions established by the Federation.







Dr Marie-Frédérique Leclerc






 Dr Ariane Deneault-Marchand

Vice President (AMRM)







Dr Zoya Chaudhry

Vice President (ARM)





Dr Marie-Andrée Bérubé Lespérance

Vice President (AMReQ)








Dr Laurie Pelletier

Vice President (AMReS)



Mr Sylvain Schetagne

Director, Research and Sociopolitical Action/Resident Wellness Committee