Professionals’ Financial






Professionals' Financial is a Montreal-based wealth management company that offers private management products and services, wealth management and financial planning solutions, and a complete range of mutual funds. Founded in 1978 by and for professionals, Professionals' Financial has committed itself for 40 years to serve the interests of its clients as well as maintaining some of the most competitive management fees in the Canadian market. The Financial is a subsidiary of the FMSQ and a partner of the FMRQ.

Our services for residents

  • Do you need help to manage your debts or incorporate your practice?
  • Are you seeking advice for the purchase of a practice or a condo?
  • Do you want to start building your wealth to achieve your medium- and long-term goals?

Customized solutions

  • Manage your debts: Learn how to manage your loans and set up a sensible budget that takes into account all your expenses and that also enables you to save.
  • Start saving: Distinguish between the different  types of accounts (registered and non-registered) and discover which vehicles are best suited to your needs.
  • Finance the purchase of a condo or a house: Determine which type of mortgage is right for you and the savings required for this investment.
  • Incorporate: Did you know that incorporation offers certain tax benefits? Consult the team of experts for a comprehensive analysis of your situation. You'll then be able to make an informed decision.

Understanding your finances

  • The educational seminars: Dynamic and participatory presentations that explore financial matters (investments, taxation) and legal issues (incorporation, de facto spouses, will and mandate in case of incapacity, marriage contracts). They're free and you can register online. Keep an eye out for upcoming events on the website!
  • You can also visit their website for information on their personalized services and solutions.
  • Contact them at 1 888 377-7337 or at