Bulletin Winter 2014
Prejudice, taboos and stigmatization

Challenges for medical resident health and wellness


Psychological distress: Watch out for the signs
Intimidation and harassment: Is the enemy real or imagined?      

Substance abuse or dependency in medical residents, or the myth of immunity               

Love, sex and residency                                                                                               

Suicide during residency

Returning to work after sick leave or maternity leave                                                     

New communication technologies                                                                                 

Findings of the first FMRQ resident wellness survey


Bulletin Winter 2012

Medical residents’ health and wellness: An FMRQ priority (Lien vers la publication)
Psychological harassment: Unravelling the maze
Benefits of nutrition and exercise
Using Facebook and Twitter to promote learner wellness?
Integrating international medical graduates … A call for the revival of the resident mentor
Presenteeism in residents
Student debt: Overcoming the mountain
Impact of work schedules on medical residents’ health
Parenthood during residency

Position statement on medical resident health and wellness

This series of texts sets out the Federation’s position on different issues and problems experienced by medical residents. It aims to raise the awareness of and inform medical residents and teaching physicians, with a view to putting in place lasting solutions to foster an optimum learning climate in our medical faculties.

Psychological distress, burnout and mental health
Psychological harassment
Resident presenteeism
The challenges facing international medical graduates in Quebec
Debt and finances

Work conditions and climate
Regional physician resource plans (PREMs)
Transition from residency to practice

Suggested reading:
La Détresse des médecins : un appel au changement. MARANDA, Marie-France et al. Presses de l'Université Laval, 2006, 172 pages. www.pulaval.com

Staying Human During Residency Training.PETERKIN, Allan D. Third Edition. University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 2004, 166 pages. publishing@utpress.utoronto.ca.

How Doctors Think. GROOPMAN, Jerome. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 2008, 336 pages. Available through the publisher’s site at www.hmhco.com and bookstores in Montreal.

FMRQ health and wellness columns 2013-2014

Santé inc.

Dr Leon Tourian, Chairperson, Resident Wellness Committee

November-December 2013

Détresse psychologique, épuisement professionnel et troubles de santé mentale : des réels défis pour certains médecins résidents (Psychological distress, burnout and mental health disorders: real challenges for some medical residents) (Lien vers l’article)

January-February 2014

Pour en finir avec l’intimidation envers les médecins résidents (Let’s be done with intimidation toward medical residents) (Lien vers l’article)

 March-April 2014

Endettement et transition vers la pratique autonome (Debt and transition to autonomous practice)

May-June 2014

Présenteeisme : dévouement ou sentiment de culpabilité (Presenteeism: dedication or feeling of guilt) 

July-August 2014

Transitions de vie… ici et ailleurs (Life transitions  here and elsewhere)