PREMs in 10 steps


Last May 11, at the Symposium on PREMs in Family Medicine, the FMRQ presented a new application process for PREMs that should have come into effect for the 2019 PREM application period, this fall. However, the FMRQ was informed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services that they will not change the application process this year.

The same application process which has been applied previously will therefore continue to be in force.

However, please note the following two modifications which are applicable immediately:

1) No support letter from a clinic or a hospital department will be accepted by the DRMGs

2) Interviews will be compulsory as soon as there are more applicants than the number of available PREMs

The new application process is scheduled to start in fall 2019.  

PREMs in 10 steps



Important rules to be respected by DMRGs