Vacation (Annuel leave) (cf. article 25)

The resident shall be entitled to four (4) calendar weeks of paid annual vacation during the year of residency. This vacation shall be divisible and may be taken at any time upon agreement with the establishment, which may not refuse the request unless it is able to establish that granting this vacation would seriously hinder the provision of medical care normally provided by the medical group in which he is undergoing training. When both spouses work in the same establishment, they shall be entitled to take their annual vacation at the same time. Moreover, The resident shall not be required to work the weekend immediately following or immediately preceding the annual vacation period.

Important: When a resident considers the possibility of taking vacation time, he must pay special attention to the requirements associated with his rotation. In fact, a resident must have performed 75% of his rotation in order for it to be deemed valid (e.g., for a four-week rotation, the resident will have completed three weeks’ rotation).

Deadline for responding to vacation requests

The establishment has to respond to a vacation request within 30 days, following which the vacation is deemed to have been approved.

Deferral of vacation

A resident may take during the following year any days of leave unused as of June 30 each year, up to a total of 10 days per year. Nevertheless, days of leave thus carried over may not be taken in cash. A resident unable to take his vacation during the chosen period owing to illness, accident or work accident occurring before the beginning of the vacation period may postpone his vacation to a later date. He must, however, notify the establishment of this before the date established, and provide proof that he is unable to take the vacation.

Call duty

When a resident takes vacation, the number of call periods he has to perform will be prorated to time worked.

If you take a week’s vacation, you may not perform more than four call periods in an establishment, 14 night calls in an establishment or six call periods at home, since you must be released from your call duty on the weekend preceding and the weekend following your vacation.

For the calculation method for determining the number of call periods you can be assigned when you take a week’s vacation, please refer to the Interpretation Guide Article 12.20.

Termination or abandonment of training

With the exception of vacation carried forward from the previous year, residents terminating or abandoning their training may be paid for the vacation they did not take. The number of days’ vacation paid is proportional to the number of months of rotations performed.