Unpaid parental leave (cf. Article 26.41)

Maternity, paternity or adoption leave may be followed by any of the following types of unpaid leave, during which it is possible to receive the QPIP parental leave benefit:

  • Unpaid leave for a maximum duration of two years, which must directly follow the maternity, paternity or adoption leave. This unpaid leave may be split between the spouses.
  • Unpaid leave of no more than 52 weeks, taken at the time of his or her choosing, within the 70-month period following the birth or adoption of the child. This leave must be continuous and may not be split into two or more periods totalling 52 weeks. Nor may it be taken part-time. Like the two-year unpaid leave, this leave cannot be granted if the resident adopts his or her spouse’s child. In order to be granted, this leave must be applied for at least two weeks before the unpaid leave starts.

During the unpaid leave provided for in this article, the resident may obtain his or her parental or adoption leave benefit, as applicable, through the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP). Here, also, two types of plans are in effect, and the choice of plan is determined by the first of the two parents to receive benefits. Note that this choice cannot subsequently be changed. Parental leave benefits and adoption leave benefits may be taken in full by one of the spouses, or be divided between them. In addition, the other parent of the child could also decide to take part of the parental leave benefit during the mother’s maternity leave. 

For more information, visit the website that the Quebec government places at future/new parents’ disposal regarding all topics in any way related to pregnancy and the birth or adoption of a child.