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GA including the FMRQ Career Day 2023


September 15, 2023

From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

(to confirm)


About this event

This event allows resident doctors to meet with representatives from Québec and some outside Québec health establishments, to learn more about their needs and the positions available, as well as the advantages each one of them has to offer. This medical job fair is part of a general meeting where participants can update their knowledge about the steps to follow to confirm a position.

Transportation offered

Buses from Sherbrooke and Quebec will be available to members.

You are released to attend this event

You are released with no penalty with respect to your salary or the validity of your rotation (75 % Rules). However, we would like to emphasize that during this day, call duty schedules in hospitals will have to be maintained. 

Details of release times by association to come

Opening of registrations on August 24, 2023

Registration will be done exclusively in the Events section of the FMRQ mobile app.

If you haven’t downloaded the application yet, do so in the App Store or Google Play. If you’re having trouble connecting, email us at