Fellowships in specialties paid by RAMQ

Fellowships must meet the following criteria, as established by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS). In order to be paid, they must be approved by the Ministry.

MSSS criteria:

  • The fellowship must meet a real need of the Quebec population;
  • It must be directly related to the mission of the recruiting healthcare establishment, usually for a leading-edge niche;
  • Selected candidates must demonstrate their ability to complete such training and have a successful career in that field.

Consult the Rules concerning extensions of training performed in Quebec and Form.

For any extension of training paid by RAMQ, you must:

  • Apply to the faculty concerned using a special form included in the document setting out the Rules concerning extensions of training (fellowships) performed in Quebec. The application must meet the requirements of the sought-after practice setting.

You must submit:

  • A letter of undertaking from a Director of Professional Services prepared to accept you for your fellowship;
  • A letter of confirmation from the facility/establishment where you will be practising after your extension of training.


  • If your fellowship is of more than six months’ duration, it must be performed in a facility of a university network other than the network where you will be practising. For instance, if you have obtained a position in the McGill University network, you will not be able to perform your fellowship in that network;
  • In the case of a mandatory fellowship within the framework of recruitment in the PEM of a university site, the faculty where you will be practising upon completion of your fellowship is the one which must submit your application;
  • All fellowships must be supported jointly by the recruiting establishment and the faculty of medicine concerned.

Terminating residents who choose to perform a fellowship outside Quebec without having previously confirmed a position have no guarantee they will be able to access a position on their return.