Obtain a Grant for an Initiative to Enhance Your Own and Your Colleagues’ Wellness

Would boxing or spinning classes help you and your colleagues maintain your health? Would a fun activity during a virtual lunch be ideal for consolidating the team in your program? Would home-delivered vegetable baskets along with a recipe contest raise the troops’ morale? Submit an initiative that would directly enhance your fellow resident doctors’ health and wellness, and we will be pleased to contribute financially to your project.


All resident doctors from the four faculties are eligible for this grant, except for FMRQ and affiliated association (AMRM, ARM, AMReS, and AMReQ) board members.

Submit your good ideas right away

Grants are awarded on the first come, first served principle, until the budget runs out. Deadline for project completion is June 30, 2021. 

A single form to be completed and your project is submitted! 

Submit my initiative - Form  

Selection criteria

To be admissible, the initiative must: 

- Come from a member or group of members of the FMRQ, and not from a program director, supervising physician(s), or other entity; 

- Be new in the targeted site, i.e., it must not be used to fund existing initiatives, nor may it be a substitute for the normal responsibilities of the establishment or faculty (e.g., replacing furniture or computer equipment in residents’ lounges); 

- Contribute to enhancing the health and wellness of targeted members. Initiatives whose positive impact on health and wellness has already been scientifically demonstrated will be favoured, but initiatives whose impact has not been scientifically demonstrated are not excluded; 

- Establish its scope, i.e., the number of resident doctors targeted; 

- Submit a detailed budget, including a cost-benefit analysis. As a point of information, the FMRQ has set aside a budget of about $50 per resident; 

- Not involve any recurring costs (subscriptions, etc.); 

- Include a project timetable; 

- Show how it complies with the health regulations in effect at the time the application is submitted; 

- Show how it complies with the Politique pour une action socialement et écologiquement responsable de la FMRQ (in French only); 

- Present strategies for highlighting the FMRQ’s contribution; 

- Propose strategies for the FMRQ to publicize its grant offering across Quebec with a view to generating a ripple effect in training sites. 

Eligible expenses

The grant must be used for carrying out the project (purchase of services, etc.). At no time may it constitute remuneration for a resident doctor. 

The FMRQ will pay or reimburse expenses on submission of invoices or other supporting documents up to a maximum of the grant awarded. 

Any questions? Contact  Sylvain Schetagne.