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May 18 2017

FMRQ Symposium on PREMs in Family Medicine

This past Friday, May 12, 2017, the FMRQ held its yearly Symposium on PREMs in Family Medicine, at Hotel Bonaventure Montreal. Participants attended a presentation by the FMRQ’s family medicine co-ordinator, Geneviève Coiteux, on the procedure for obtaining a position. The presentation was followed by cocktails, when participants met with regional department of general medicine (DRMG) representatives from different regions of Quebec. Aside from the meeting with DRMGs, this Symposium was a chance for R1s in Family Medicine to learn about PREMs and management rules for physician resources in family medicine, and to take advantage of the coming months to prepare for the 2018 PREM application period, which starts October 15, 2017.

For further information, please contact
Geneviève Coiteux
Co-ordinator, Academic Affairs – Family Medicine
514-282-0256 / 1-800-465-0215