Types of privileges

Active member

Having a position in an establishment’s physician resource plan (PEM) is a prerequisite for delivering care there. A doctor may obtain privileges in more than one establishment, but he will be counted only in the PEM of the establishment where he performs most of his practice and where he is granted privileges as an active member.

Associate member

To practise medicine in an establishment or facility other than where he holds a PEM, the physician will have to apply for privileges as an associate member (more limited, usually a maximum of 25% of the practice). An application for associate member privileges is agreed-upon between the establishment where the candidate holds a PEM position (active member) and the establishment requiring services on an ad-hoc basis (associate member). The application must be made by the establishments to the Physician Resource Branch (Direction de la main-d’œuvre médicale) at the Ministry of Health and Social Services, which grants this right following a review of the file.