June 29 2021

Bulletin: Understanding Requirements for Practising Medicine

In this theme-based publication, learn more about who has the real authority in medical education to decide, on the good reasons to put an end once and for all to the MCCQE2, and on the implementation of CBD.

June 10 2021

You are Starting Your Residency? Become an FMRQ Member!

We know how hard you have worked to reach this point. Congratulations! We invite you, as a new resident doctor, to complete the short form below concerning membership in your Association and the Federation.

May 21 2021

Agreement on postponement of leave officially signed by MSSS

We have negotiated an agreement with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) that allows you to carry forward your vacation and conference or study leave. 

April 01 2021

Headspace Meditation App: Free Subscription for Our Members

Headspace gives you access to hundreds of programs for daily life, relaxations to help you sleep, music, and tips for taking care of your health on a day-to-day basis. In just 10 minutes a day, you’ll already feel the benefits. It’s scientifically proven. Try it!

March 15 2021

Psychological Support: New No-Fee Service for Our Members

This service, available 24/7, offers up to 6 hours’ consultation by phone or videoconference. Thus, you have access to a team consisting of psychologists, social workers, guidance counsellors, psychoeducators, and sexologists.

December 04 2020

Collective Agreement: A guide to Fully Understand it

To fully understand the collective agreement, here is an interpretation guide. Navigate easily from one article to another by clicking on the desired article number.

December 04 2020

Guide to Practice 2020-2021

Finding a position in Quebec in 2020 is complicated, but possible!

December 27 2018

Interpretation Guide to the 2015-2021 Collective Agreement

We invite you to consult The Interpretation Guide to the FMRQ 2015-2021 Collective Agreement which is now posted on our website. We remind you that, for any questions concerning your work conditions, you may also get in touch with the FMRQ directly by calling 514-282-0256 or 1-800-465-0215, or emailing

December 26 2018

Competence by Design (CBD)

The Royal College is continuing to integrate the various training programs into the competency-based approach, or Competence by Design. Already, eight programs have been following the CBD model since July 1, 2018. Last year, the FMRQ had published a report on the impact of CBD on Quebec’s medical residents, based on semi-structured interviews conducted on two of these programs. Early in 2019, the FMRQ will be polling medical residents registered in CBD in the eight programs concerned, to see whether our recommendations have been taken into consideration and identify any issues that still deserve attention from us and the other stakeholders concerned.

August 27 2018

Competence By Design

Training Site Challenges - FMRQ's 15 recommendations to faculty authorities

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