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While at the exclusive service of the medical community for more than 40 years, we have been supporting medical residents in their financial success:


-          Budgeting and Finances: Get an update on your financial situation (debt management, capital accumulation, tax optimization). Free and without commitment.

-          Incorporation: Incorporating your medical practice may be advantageous in some cases and useless in others. Assess this approach objectively.

-          Medical Invoicing: Entrust this particularly tedious task to our experienced resources. Peace of mind and more time for your practice. Free trial period.

-          Advisory Services for Your Investments: Quality coaching as you enter the investment industry. Objective recommendations related to your own reality and aspirations. Special promotions for residents.

-          “Financial Preparation for Your Career” Training Day: Many doctors believe that training is essential for managing one's finances. Time well spent for your financial prosperity.



Our Benefits

-  Financial expertise acquired from medical clients

-  Stable team for long-term support

-  Availability to meet with you at the time and place of your choice

-  Salaried professionals (not on commission) for objective recommendations


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