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The Federation works to promote and defend resident doctors’ rights.

From the first to the last year, we look after your financial, academic, and professional interests, and your wellness.

Recently started residency?

Here is the R1 Welcoming Handbook, presenting our main services, along with practical tips to help you start off on the right foot.

Finishing your residency soon?

Consult the Guide to Practice 2023-2024, where you will find information to help you in your steps toward life after residency.

Our actions and ideas

This section brings together the ideas, action, and activities the Federation provides to support you during your years of medical residency.

This Guide contains among others the latest rules for obtaining a PREM, the financial benefits of practising in the regions, the steps to be gone through to obtain a permit to practise…
On compte une augmentation de 17 étudiant·e·s en médecine qui ont choisi la médecine familiale par rapport à l’an dernier, une hausse de 4 %.
Find in this Bulletin information on the negotiation of the renewal of the collective agreement, as well as on current developments at the CFPC regarding a possible 3rd year in family medicine.

We take confidentiality very seriously

When you use our services, you may be sure your file will be treated in complete confidentiality.

Download the FMRQ mobile app dedicated to resident doctors

It allows you to register for our events with just a few clicks, and offers a free subscription to the Headspace meditation app, just for starters.

Find out about member benefits

Receive free advice on a host of financial questions.

Take advantage of banking packages, cards, credit lines, and other products at preferential rates.


Benefit from preferential rates on an UpToDate subscription.

Access hundreds of programs for daily life, relaxations to help you sleep, music, and tips for taking care of your health.