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Excelsior awards,
rewarding resident doctors' engagement

The 2024 submission period is now closed. See you next year!

These awards highlight the involvement of a resident doctor in an innovative project. This project must contribute directly or indirectly to the well-being of resident doctors or the community. A $2,500 bursary and a certificate will be issued to each of the five recipients.

A prestigious award that offers increased visibility to the winners

Recipients’ names will be announced in the INFO FMRQ and Le Bulletin, and in specialized healthcare-related publications.


Complete the Online form – 2025 Excelsior Awards (to come), and send the following documents to :

  • Your Resumé;
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member or fellow resident mentioning why this nominee and his project deserve recognition.

Five awards will be given

One for a representative of each resident doctor association in Quebec, and one for a family medicine resident doctor.


All resident doctors belonging to the FMRQ may apply for these awards, with the exception of Federation board members and members of the equivalent structure of the resident doctor association (AMRM, ARM, AMReS, AMReQ) executives. Everyone (supervisors, program directors, etc.) can submit a candidacy for a resident doctor.

Evaluation criteria

Nominations will be rated on the basis of the following criteria:

The innovative nature of the project;

The nominee’s level of involvement or leadership in the project;

The project’s contribution to advancing the medical profession, resident doctors or the community concerned;

The project’s impact on resident doctors' health and wellness, the medical profession, or the community concerned;

And whether the nominee represents a positive role model for resident doctors and the community.

N.B. Excelsior Awards are not intended to recognize scientific research projects. Such projects are covered under the FMRQ Grant Program for research projects on postgraduate medical education, which provides grants specifically for research projects.


Nominations will be evaluated by the Resident Wellness Committee, which consists of one representative from each association.

2025 Deadline : date to come

All candidates will receive an acknowledgment upon reception of all documentation (Form, Resumé and Letter of support).

For further information :