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In 2022, for the Second Year in a Row, the Federation Offset Double Its Carbon Emissions

In 2022, the FMRQ offset all its CO2 emissions and invested an equivalent sum in protecting, safeguarding, and promoting the environment through Carbone boréal’s Forestry component and the Carbone Scol’ERE educational credit program. In so doing, the Federation double offset its carbon emissions in order to invest in the environment beyond net zero.

In concrete terms, this means:

2 trees that will be added to Quebec’s forests

Under Scol’ERE, 1 educational carbon credit is equivalent to 1 tonne of CO2 avoided through the commitment to reduce GHG emissions made by the students and their families participating in the project. Learn more about this program

As an organization, the FMRQ is concerned with social responsibility and environmental protection. To find out more about the Federation’s action in that regard, consult: