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Report on the Reassessment of Family Medicine Residency

Medicine and medical education have evolved enormously over the past few years. Several subjects are still topical, though, in particular family doctors’ preparedness for practice, the addition of a mandatory 3rd year, curriculum flexibility, and resident doctors’ wellness.

The FMRQ’s Academic Affairs Committee – Family Medicine (CAP-MF) looked at residency in its current form so as to gauge how it could be improved. This report presents the findings of that work, and sets out pedagogical recommendations for the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and Quebec’s four medical schools.

A review of the literature on family medicine residency, in Quebec and elsewhere, shows that there has long been questioning as to the ideal length of training. The FMRQ has already taken a position in that regard, opposing the mandatory 1-year extension, while favouring greater flexibility for those wishing to take a 3rd year.