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What You Are Entitled to for the July 1 Statutory Holiday

This year, as the July 1 statutory holiday falls on a Saturday, most establishments have chosen Friday, June 30, 2023 to replace the July 1 holiday. That means this statutory holiday lies in the 2022-2023 academic year rather than in 2024.

Under Article 23.01 of the collective agreement: “The establishment shall recognize and observe during the year thirteen (13) paid statutory holidays.”

So, depending on your status, the following rule will apply:

1. You are starting residency on July 1, 2023

You will be given a mobile holiday to compensate for the June 30 holiday, so that you receive no less than 13 statutory holidays, as set out in the agreement.

2. You are continuing your residency after July 1, 2023 and are on call on June 30, 2023

You will be given 14 statutory holidays for 2022-2023 and 12 statutory holidays for 2023-2024. You will, however, be able to take as a day off later during 2023-2024 the June 30, 2023 statutory holiday you will have worked.

3. You are terminating residency on June 30, 2023 and are on call on that date

You will be given 14 statutory holidays for 2022-2023. Since the 2023 Canada Day statutory holiday cannot be taken later, then, if you have to work, you will be compensated financially for the holiday.